Tsvetomira Tsenova

Researcher in Economics & Finance, Consultant in Banking Regulation, Economics & International Accounting Standards

Former Central Banker: Adviser to Bulgarian National Bank Deputy Governor, Senior Economist at European Central Bank

Doctor of Philosophy (Ph.D.) in Economics, University of York, United Kingdom

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Dr. Tsenova at European University Institute in Venice

Areas of Research in Economics & Finance

Research interests

Monetary Policy, Forecasts & Forecast Uncertainty, Probabilistic Forecasts, Banking, Financial Stability, Stress-Testing, Liquidity, Regulatory & Macro-Prudential Policy

Areas of Consultancy in Banking Regulation & International Accounting Standards

Consultancy Interests

IFRS9 Macro-Finance Models (Development & Validation), Stress-Testing, Internal Capital Adequacy Assessment Process (ICAAP), Internal Capital Adequacy Assessment Process (ILAAP), Economic Analysis & Forecasting, Bank's Internal Rating Based Models, Downturn Identification & Downturn Margin Estimation

Short Bio

Dr Tsvetomira Tsenova is Senior Economics Adviser at Experian Plc and in addition pursues independent academic research in the areas of Economics and Finance. Previously she had the honor to serve as Adviser to Bulgarian National Bank's Deputy Governor – Mr. Dimitar Kostov, as well as Senior Economist at Directorate Generale Economics of the European Central Bank in two key policy areas – – Euro area Economic Developments Division (2007-2008) and Monetary Policy Strategy Division (2005-2006). She also worked as Head of Department at the Statistical Methodology and Research Department of the National Statistical Institute – Republic of Bulgaria (2016-2017), External Associate Professor in International Economics at the University of Copenhagen (2003-2004) and Programme Officer at the United Nations Development Programme (2001-2002). In 2001, she earned her PhD in Economics at the University of York, UK with a doctoral thesis entitled “Macro-Theoretic Models of an Economy in Transition”. She is member of distinguished professional associations, such as the American Economic Association, Euro Area Business Cycle Network, Money, Macro and Finance Research Group, SUERF (Société Universitaire Européenne de Recherches Financières).

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Senior Economics Adviser at Experian

Independent Researcher in Economics & Finance

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